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The Production Management of Unstable Light, Crude Oils Showing Asphaltenes Deposition Problems                                                    

Asphaltenes are colloidal particles that remain in suspension in crude oil under reservoir conditions but they may become unstable and form a solid deposit once production is established. This lecture reviews a successful production management strategy to prevent flow assurance problems associated with an unstable, light crude oil showing strong tendency to form asphaltenes deposits.

Luiz Marques worked with Petrobras for 32 years in both downstream and upstream segments. He teaches organic deposition and flow assurance disciplines at Petrobras University. Marques earned a BS degree in chemical engineering from Rio de Janeiro State University, and an MS degree in metallurgy engineering from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.



Tuition Fee:

SPE Members :Free

SPE Non members: 700,000 R

Deadline: 18/May/2009






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