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Welcome to SPE in the Iran

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SPE-Iran has held many seminars in the field of Oil-related issues. SPE Distinguished Lecturers-Whom are the professional experts or experienced researchers- are invited to these seminars and presenting the latest issues on this field. The topics where selected based on the latest innovations in Oil industry.

1- Reservoir Fluid Properties State-of-the-Art and Outlook for Future Development
Dr. Muhammad Almarhoun, 6 Oct 2001

2- Fracture Network Analysis and Geologic Modeling
Dr. Paul R La Pointe, 19 Oct 2001

3- Simulation of Miscible Gas Processes- Some Problems and Some Solutions
Dr. David Waldren, 9 Jan 2002

4- Three-Phase Relative Permeability
Dr. Martin J Blunt, 12 Feb 2002

5- Novel Application of Hydraulic Fracturing: Propped Fracturing as a Tool for Prevention and Removal of Formation Damage
Dr. Arthur Bale, 19 Oct 2002

6- Evaluation of Fracture Volume Maximum Limit in The Carbonate Reservoir
Mr. H. Motiei, 4 Nov 2002

7- Improved Oil Recovery
Prof. Sh. Vossoughi, 11 Jan 2003

8- The Challenge to the Professional in an Expanding Gas Economy
Mr. Andrew Young, 27 Feb 2003

9- Carbonate Development Technology
Dr. Mercadier, 25 June 2003

10- The Role of Mechanical Straigraphy to Structural Evolution/Trap Style and Fractured Development in the Zagros Mountain Belt of SW Iran
Dr. Koopman, 25 June 2003

11- Non-Conventional Approach to Resolving Primary Secondary in Gulf Carbonates From Conventional Log and Borehole Images Development and Application of Improved Reservoir Characterization Reservoir Monitoring with CHER in Water Injection Reservoir
Mahmoud AKbar, Nabeel Aladani, Mohammad Tchambaz (Schlumberger), 10 Dec 2003

12- Reservoir Management Application of Gelled Polymer to Controlled Water Flow
G. Paul Willhite, Don W. Green (Kansas University), 1 Jun 2004

13- Under Balanced Drilling (Workshop)
Dr. Ghalambor, 10-12 Jul 2004

14- New Developments in Reservoir Modeling: Status, Challenges and the Road Ahead
Dr. Al Qassab, 15 Mar 2006

15- Reliable Simulation Models Permeability Arrays by Integration of Core, Test and Log Derived Permeability Data
Dr. Shawket Ghedan, 31 May 2006

16- Is Under balanced Drilling the Right Answer for your Reservoir?
Dr. Suryanarayana, 13 Jan 2007

17- Implementing Under Balanced Operations (UBO): Challenges, Solutions and Operational Experience
Mr. Eck-Olsen, 16 May 2007

18- Petroleum Industry 2020: Unleashing Industry Potential
Dr. Khalifa (2007 SPE President), 28 Jun 2007

19- Petroleum Technology (Short Course)
Dr. Aminian, 15-17 Dec 2007

20- Predicting Field Performance Thriving with Uncertainty
Mr. Neil Dunlop, 9 Feb 2008

21- Integrated Uncertainty and Decision Analysis of Petroleum Projects, Workflow and Tools
Mr. Terald Sevanes, 24 Mar 2008

22- Overview of Natural Gas Dehydration and Hydration Inhibition
Dr. Moshfeghian, 10 Apr 2008

23- Performance Gas Condensate Reservoir (Workshop)
Prof. R. Mott, 3-7 May 2008

24- Bridging Over Uncertainty, Past Performance into Forecasting
Mr. Sameh Macary, 18 May 2008

25- Production Management of Unstable Light, Crude Oils Showing Asphaltenes Deposition Problems
23 May 2009

26- High End Coiled Tubing Evolution: The Last and Next Ten Years
Lance Portman, 9 Oct 2010   Photo

27- The Determination Of Minimum Tested Volume And Future Well Production From The Deconvolution Of Well Test Pressure Transients
Tim Whittle, 27 Nov 2010   Photo

28- Understanding of Fluid Flow and Recovery Mechanisms Leads to Technology Applications for Improving Well Productivity and Reservoir Ultimate Recovery
Tony R. Pham, 7 Jun 2011

29- How to Get the Most Out of Your Oil Rim Reservoirs?
Dr. Rahim Masoudi, 22 Oct 2011

30- Use and Misuse of Applied Rock Mechanics in Petroleum Engineering
Dr. Hazim Abass, 9 Jan 2012

31- Wellbore Diagnostics: Reliable & Efficient Well Delivery Through Optimal Data Management
Prof. Adewale Dosunmu, 4 Feb 2012    Photo

32- Developing an Advanced Safety Culture – Non- Compliance and the Just and Fair Culture
Patrick Hudson, 8 Dec 2012

33- A Methodology to Design Exploratory Wells
Luiz Alberto Rocha, 11 Feb 2013

34- Hydraulic Fracturing of Horizontal Wells - Realizing the Paradigm Shift that has been 30 years in Development
Mark Pearson, 20 Apr 2013

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