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Geological and Geo petroleum field trip in the Northern part of the Persian Gulf

Sedimentology of Petroleum Reservoir

Practical well log analysis for gas shale reservoirs

Hydrocarbon Reservoir Permeability Prediction

Formation Evaluation for Exploration and Development

Evaluation Methods of Gas Shales

Elements Of Reservoir Petrophysical Evaluation

Basic Well Log Analysis and Petrophysics

Asphaltene, Wax and Hydrate Formation and Deposition in the Oil and Gas Industry

Applied Well Log Analysis and Interpretation

An Integrated Solution for Reservoir Permeability Prediction

HPHT Operational Awareness and Drilling Challenges - DR-TC2-OTH13900

Cementing Operations - DR-TC2-NXT05410

Course RC1: Best Practices in the Integration of Special Core Analysis for Reservoir Management

Course RM7: Shale Oil/gas Development

Course RM6: Waterflooding Best Practices

Course RM5: Unconventional Oil Recovery Techniques

Course RM4: Production Forecasting for Reserves Estimation

Course RM3: Depletion Planning and Reporting

Course RM2: Gas Field Reservoir Management

Course RM1: Fractured Reservoir Management

Heavy Organics Depositions In Petroleum Production Transportation and Processing

4-8 Jan 2014, By: Prof. Ali Mansoori

Advance Petrolume Geology

28 Sep 2013 Iran-Kish Island(for Course CNPC Company)

Application of Neural Networks in Petroleum Industry


Petroleum Geomechanics

7-9 Jan 2013, By Dr.Vamegh Rsoulie

Rock Mechanics and Wellbore Stability

4-7 Nov 2012 (1391/8/14-17), By: Dr.Ahmad Pouya

Rock Mechanics for Underground Gas Storage

27-31 Oct 2012 (1391/8/06-10), By: Dr.Ahmad Pouya

Drilling and well HSE and HSE risk assessment in drilling and well phases

24-25 Jun 2012(1391/4/4-5), Iran-Tehran

Interfacial Phenomena in Oil and Gas Industries

14-16 May 2012(1391/2/25-27), Iran-Tehran

Formation Damage


Advanced Waterflooding


Petroleum Geomechanics

8-10 Oct 2011(1390/07/16-18), By Dr. Mark Tingay

Comprehensive EOR Screening a Large Heavy Oil Field


Application of Neural-fuzzy Intelligent Methods in Petroleum Industry

9-13 Jul 2011, By Dr. Sadati

How to get the most out of your Oil Rim Reservoirs-Reservoir Management and Hydrocarbon Recovery Enhancement Initiatives

22 Oct 2011(1390/7/30), By: Dr. Rahim Masoudi

Drilling Safety Workshop

1389/11/24-26, Ahwaz

Simulation with PetroMod-1D Software

6 Jan 2010 (10/16), By: Sasan Salehirad

Using Artificial Neural Networks in Petroleum Industry and Engineering Problems

24-20 Feb 2010 (12/1-5), By: Dr.Sadati

Fundamental and Advanced Periods to Learn Drilling

6-10 Feb 2010(11/17-21), By: Dr. Abdolnabi Hashemi

New trends in Managing Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs

11-12 July 2010, Tehran, by: Fasih

Carbonate IOR Mechanism by Water flooding and Associated Challenges

16-18 Oct 2010 (1389/7/24-26),  Ahwaz

19-21 Oct 2010 (1389/7/27-29), By: Prof.Aly. Hamouda, Tehran

Aim High...Shape the Industry’s Future

14-17 February 2009, Grand Hyatt - Muscat, Oman

Production Management of Unstable Light, Crude Oils Showing Asphaltenes Deposition Problems

23 May 2009, Luiz Marques

Modern Approaches to Reservoir Management 

16-17 Jun 2009 (1388/3/26-27), Course Instructor: Dr.Fasihi

Petroleum Professional Certification - Review Courses and Exam Dates Search in Career/Education Petroleum Professional Certification Date Location Contact 2009 Review Courses

14-16 June 2009, Tehran –Iran

Gas Condensate

24-27 January 2009, Tehran-Iran

Analysis of Risk and Appraisal Study For E&P Projects

20-22 December 2008, Tehran-Iran

Fundamentals of Modern Production Decline Analysis

1-2 November 2008, Tehran-Iran

Integrated Asset Management

15-17 December 2008, Beach Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

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